Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring has sprung.....

The weather here is lovely. It is getting warm too.  We are working in the garden, and getting our spring/summer garden ready. I can't wait.  If you are interested in seeing what we harvest, and are growing please check the section of this blog called "Gangsta Gardener". And yes, I call myself the Gangster Gardener.  Why, you may ask?  Well, growing a vegetable garden to me is fighting corporate America, growing our own food is teaching my children how wonderful life is, and making sure our food is GMO free, and organic.  No Monsatan (Monsanto) here!  Support your local vegetable gardener/farm.

Now, on with the food.  Monday I made a huge crockpot of black bean chili. I love crockpot meals.  It always makes enough to freeze later.  I served it with homemade cornbread.

Tuesday, I made a lovely chickpea salad with garden fresh roasted broccoli.  It was so good.

Wednesday is always leftover night.  Easy.  And this week, Thursday was leftover night as well since there was a school dance. 

Friday I made Pad Thai.  We used broccoli from the garden that was about to bolt.  I also used cilantro, and green onion from the garden.  Yum!

Pad Thai

Saturday Josh had to work all day, so the boys and I hung out aroud the house, ate leftovers, and made ice cream.  We made ice cream using coconut milk, strawberries, pineapple, banana, and chocolate chip.  Yum!

Homemade ice cream

Sunday morning, we had chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  I love Sunday mornings.

Sunday night, I made pasta. I made a lovely spicy marinara with spinach from the garden, and homemade faux pepperoni. It was great.

Happy Spring!

peas and love....
Krys and the boys


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